Whittle Investment Limited (WIL) is a Kenyan based project development, engineering and management company formed in July 2014. WIL has a majority local shareholding and it is managed and staffed by locals and other nationals qualified in a wide range of disciplines. WIL actively pursues a wide range of multi-discipline infrastructure projects and will use its extensive in-house expertise - technical, commercial and administrative – and its relations with local and foreign firms to guarantee projects are completed on time and budget.

WIL has excellent and well established access to major consulting and construction firms in Australia, Canada, United States of America, China, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, India and Malaysia.

WIL provides multidisciplinary expertise in:

  • Generation projects - hydro, gas, wind and solar generation
  • Transmission projects - all associated power transfer to consumers on and off-grid
  • Civil infrastructure projects – water supply and highways
  • Environmental projects – environment and social impact assessment associated with all infrastructure developments
  • Advisory projects – manufacturing facility planning and establishment.

WIL, through its financing partners in United States of America and United Kingdom, has access to concessional funding for a wide range of infrastructure projects in both the government and private sectors.